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April 19 Forum: Transient Rentals in Lake Placid

April 19 Forum: Transient Rentals in Lake Placid

The number and frequency of short-term rentals in the Lake Placid area have been increasing over the last few years.   The North Elba / Lake Placid Development Commission is sponsoring a community wide discussion regarding the impact of this trend.   A proposed ordinance will also be presented.   This Community forum will take place in the Lake Placid Conference Center at 7 PM on Thursday, April 19, 2018.

Draft Transient Rental Ordinance

Draft Transient Rental Affidavit

Draft Transient Rental Emergency Contact Information

More information is available on the Rental Study Group page.


3 thoughts on “April 19 Forum: Transient Rentals in Lake Placid

  1. Tom Varden

    I have lived on Lake Placid Lake for over 40 years. Over the last 5 years all of the homes around me are rented most of the summer. Every week there is a new group moving in. More cars, more noise keeping us up until past midnight. We are one of the few people who live here all year and look forward to the summer, that has ended. Lake Placid is becoming Lake Plastic.

  2. Morgan McReynolds

    It’s too hard to find affordable housing in this town, and it’s becoming limited in the surrounding area too. If you let people turn all the the housing into vacation rentals and AirBNB you’re going to let Lake Placid become like all the other mountain towns (Aspen, Vail, Big Sky, Jackson Hole.) You’re going to run out of employees to staff the hotels and restaurants that this town needs to service all the tourists!
    The needs of the residents of this town are forgotten when it comes to housing. If you want the town to grow and keep employees around, we need more long term rentals!! I also live next to 2 different vacation rentals, and they are loud, arriving all hours of the day/night, and have dogs that they let poop on our lawns and do not pick it up. Help out your locals, and keep us that way.

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