Lake Placid/North Elba Community Development Commission

2020 Year End Report


Mike Butler, Bob DiMarco, Dean Dietrich (chair), Lori Fitzgerald, Pat Gallagher, Sarah Galvin, Georgia Jones, Jen Jubin, Brandon Montag, Val Rogers


Appearance Committee– Judy Shea, Jamie Rogers, Tim Robinson,  Dot Beatty, Denise Bujold, Lori Fitzgerald, Cherise Bixler,  Bob Hanna,  Debbie Ehrenstone, Dean Dietrich

With Clarkson University:            

  • Master Plan for Peacock Park-
  • Master Plan for Power Pond Park-  (Ashley Walden)
  • Heritage Sculpture Feasibility Study- (Naj Wikoff)
  • Gazebo Donation- (Elizabeth Corredor / Rotary Foundation)

      Advisory Committee to Main Street Design

Arts AllianceLori Fitzgerald, James Lemons, Debbie Fitts, Parmelee Tolkan, John Huttlinger, Val Rogers, Joan Kellerher, Naj Wykoff, Nancie Battaglia, Ingrid Van Slyke

                  Operating Principles adopted

  Main Street Window Display Project

                  Began work on “Art Master Plan”


Housing  –  (Eliz Schwartzberg, Jessica Kelly, Brandon Montag, Peter Roland, Emily Politi, Dean Dietrich)

Needs Assessment Report which supported current projects underway  (McKenzie Overlook, The Peaks, Fawn Valley)

 Position Paper on Income-based Housing regarding The Peaks

  Move to Standing Committee – Director Hire

STR Study Group  (Jay Rand, Emily Politi, Peter Holdereid, Dean Dietrich)Analysis of Proposed STR Ordinance to support passage of legislation

Communications Committee (Kate Thompson, Lori Fitzgerald, Kate Long, Caleb Mihill/ Brit Isham, Chelsea Geesler, Anita Estling, Patrick Wells, Mindy Goddeau)         

                  White Paper Report to Boards

                  Website revision process begun

                  RFP draft for new web platform  

                  Director Hire

Development Director Group– Peter Roland, Kate Thompson, Art Devlin, Emily Politi, Dean Dietrich, Craig Randall)

                  Job Description for Development Director

                  Application process

                  Interview process

Land Use Code Steering Committee– (Dan Kellerher, Jackie Kelley, Bill Billerman, Darci LaFave, Liz Clarke, Mike Orticelli, Dean Dietrich)


                  Internal Scoping

Main Street Project Publication Committee- Val Rogers, Dean Dietrich, Mary Jane Lawrence, Brandan Montag.Dan Cash, Liz Clarke, Marc Galvin, Kathleen Thompson, Brad Hathaway, Ivan Zdrahal, Craig Randall

 Hosted November 17 Public Informational Meeting (Virtual)


Main Street Focus Group – Val Rogers, Dean Dietrich

NSF Civic Challenge Grant– Clarkson – Dean Dietrich


  • Land Use Code Revision- complete internal scoping / external scoping / draft by October 1
  • Development Director- support transition
  • Destination Management Plan- participate with ROOST  
  • Begin Revision of Comprehensive Plan – establish Steering Committee
  • NSF Grant- continue to work with Clarkson University
  • Community Day / expand welcome programs to new residents / athletes in training
  • Appearance Committee- complete Gazebo project / Peacock Park Implementation /Public input for Draft Power Pond Master Plan  / Continue in advisory capacity as requested / Swim Area Engineering   Plan
  • Arts Alliance- Finalize Master Plan for the Arts, Continue Window Project Inventory + assessment of existing public art
  • Establish Housing Committee- develop metrics for tracking housing issues
  • Communication- continue work on website / migrate to new platforms/ master plan for meeting rooms
  • Youth Empowerment- Historic Bike Path
  • Diversification Economic / Culture
  • Increase visibility of Development Commission


DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION:  3 year term to expire 1/30/24

  • Val Rogers
  • Kathleen Thompson

LEGISLATIVE LIAISONS – appointed yearly

  • Lake Placid Village Board- Art Devlin
  • North Elba Town Board- Emily Politi
  • Clarkson- Toby Harmon

APPEARANCE COMMITTEE: 1 year term to expire 1/30/22

  • Community Development Commission (1)- Dean Dietrich                
  • Lake Placid Business Association (1) Tim Robinson
  • Tree Board (2) Jamie Rogers, Judy Shea,
  • Lake Placid Beautification (2) Cherise Bixler, Dot Beatty
  • Mirror Lake Watershed Association (1) Denise Bujold
  • At -Large members of the Community (2) Lori Fitzgerald / Debbie Erenstone


  • Village Board: Art Devlin
  • Town Board-
  • ROOST- Bethany Valenze