Lake Placid/North Elba Community Development Commission

2019 Year End Report


Standing Sub Committees:

Appearance Committee

Denise Bujold, Dean Dietrich, Catherine Erikson, Judy Shea, Charisse Bailey,  Kerry Crowningshield,  Lori Fitzgerald, Bob Hanna,  Margaret Murphey,  Tim Robinson, Jamie Rogers

  • Planting Plan for Power Pond Park / Mid’s Park 
  • Kayak rack
  • Main Street Focus Group
  • Sidewalk replacement
  • Inventory: Effect of Amendment to Temporary Sign Section

Event Council-

(Cali Brooks, Roger Catania, Dean Dietrich, Catherine Erikson, Lori Fitzgerald, Pat Gallagher, Sylvia Getman, Mary Jane Lawrence, Butch Martin, Bill Moore, Tim Robinson)

  • International Volleyball / Speed Skating Competitions

Ad Hoc Groups:

Rental Permit Group –(Mike Butler, Brit Isham, Dean Dietrich, Georgia Jones, Emily Kilburn, Bob Maswick, Darci LaFave,

  • Good Neighbor Pamphlet- draft complete  

Community Housing Committee Group-  (Dean Dietrich, Jessica Kelley, Emily Kilburn, Brandon Montag, Peter Roland, Eli Schwartzberg)

  • Housing Gap Analysis Study w/ Camoin Associates

Rental Ordinance Support Group- (Emily Kilburn, Jay Rand, Peter Holdereid, Dean Dietrich)

  • Rental Ordinance Support Study w/ Camoin Associates

Noise Ordinance Group

(Pat Gallagher, Sarah Galvin)

  • Determined areas of study-

Parallel time frames Village and Town  (gen quiet / campfires / construction)

Enforcement Issues- definition, administration

Coordinate with proposed STR ordinance

Art Advocacy Group

(Nancy Battaglia, Robin Baxter, Dean Dietrich, John Huntlinger, Jen Jubin,  James Lemmons, Gary Smith, Naj Wikoff)

  • Established a standing committee-


Main Street Upgrade Focus Group– (Val Rogers, Dean Dietrich)

LEED Certification Process–  (Dean Dietrich)

                  Gold Certification

Public Awareness Study (Kate Long, Kathleen Thompson, Dean Dietrich)

Community Day  (Val Rogers, Jill Cardinale, Mavis Miller, Macie Huweiler, Bethany Valenzie, Catherine Ericson, Denise Bujold, Bill Billerman, Jay Rand, Martha Speer, Danielle LaCavalla, Tim Robinson, Margaret Murphey, Sue Cameron, Karen Armstrong)

Proposed 2020 Initiatives

Housing Committee Report- Feb 1

Rental Support Report- Feb 1

Government Efficiency Study – March 1

                  Court / Court Clerks

                  Manager-Grant writer / Consolidation of Back office /                              

                  Dissolution impacts

Possible Cornell CIPA projects-  May 15

                  Historic Bike Tour-

                  Economic Diversity-

                  Public Awareness Report-  

Appearance Committee (w/ Clarkson LEED)-

                  Site design for Power Pond  – June Public Presentation

                  Implement Beach House Plan – June

Citizen Participation

                  Community Day

                  Elementary Students on Appearance Committee-

                  Main Street Forum at High School

                  Community Day- May 28

                  OTC Athlete Welcome

Possible Revision of Comprehensive Plan (2014) / Land Use Code (2011)