Lake Placid/North Elba Community Development Commission

Government Communication

One of the goals identified in the Government Structure and Function section of the 2014 Comprehensive Plan is to enhance the efficiency of government operations by increasing transparency and access to municipal information and records. The identified implementation measures to achieve this objective are to provide IT capabilities at town hall for improved forms and strategies of public communication and to redesign the meeting rooms with presentation technology. 

In an effort to move forward in that area the Development Commission reached out to the Cornell Institute of Public Affairs University Consulting Project University . This occurred in December of 2019. The University subsequently agreed to sponsor a consulting project as part of their graduate student capstone program. The students involved in the project will research best communication practices as utilized by governments of comparable communities and provide a set of recommendations to the Development Commission.

The Development Commission will then work with the Town and Village Governments to implement those recommendations. The report will be presented to the public in May, 2020.

Cornell MOU / Prospectus

Final Report

Executive Summary