Lake Placid/North Elba Community Development Commission

Power Pond Park: Master Plan

A project to renovate and relocate some existing sewer line in the Village of Lake Placid required the decommissioning of a dam on the Chubb River.  This led to the creation of a new open space as the existing “Power Pond” drained. The Village Board decided to create a new community park on the site and charged the Appearance Committee (a subcommittee of the Community Development Commission) with developing a master plan.  One of the objectives of the 2014 Lake Placid/North Elba Comprehensive plan ( is increasing the number of recreational opportunities for locals and visitors by upgrading and integrating existing trail systems.  The topography and location of this new open space provide a unique opportunity to develop a universal access nature trail, expand recreational opportunities, and connect many of the existing trails.  Additionally, between this potential park, Peacock Park, and other spaces in and around the Village of Lake Placid, several sand volleyball courts need to be sited as part of a 2021 pre-FISU games event.  The goal of this particular project is to create a Master Plan, including a report, maps, and presentation, which will reflect the public’s vision of this new Power Pond Park.  This plan will include determining the design features of the new park such as parking, amenities, location of pathways, crossing of the Chub River, vegetation, location of signage, and so forth.  The plan should also consider the potential for connecting with other community trails.  This Master Plan will be presented at a public meeting no later than May 2020.   The purpose of the presentation will be to elicit public comment and support for the project.

Power Pond: Final Report

Power Pond: Presentation

Power Pond: Summary Poster