Lake Placid/North Elba Community Development Commission

2017 Year End Report


Presented January 2018



  • Launch of Lake Placid Insider (
  • Map of 8 Walking Trails Completed
  • Started work on Map of Historic Bike Tour
  • Organizing Community Celebration Day- May 18 target
  • Rental Registration System Conceptual Agreement
  • Farmer’s Market- relocation / vitalization
  • Administrative Support for Appearance Committee
  • Administrative Support for Events Council




Initiate Rental Registration Program

Inaugural Community Celebration Day – May 18, 2018

Adopt recommendations from the Main Street Report

Complete Map of Historic Bike Tour


Cornell Institute of Public Affairs- Possible projects

  • Housing Report – Possible Strategies for income base housing, energy efficiency, universal access
  • GIS Mapping – create baseline for Broadband Access
  • Dark Sky Initiative
  • Feasibility studies-

-connector sidewalk – Church Street / Old Military to Bear Cub

-styrofoam densifier


Continued Support for Appearance Committee

Present Master Plan for Peacock Park

Create Master Plan for Power Pond Park


Continued Support for Events Council – liaison with Global Sports Committee


Feasibility Study- Community Planner / Grant writer


Possible LEED Community Certification

Establish partnership with Clarkson University




Leaving the Commission

  • Resignations: Emily Dennin, Alissa Rafferty
  • Membership Expiration: Mavis Miller


Request for Appointments:

3-year term (expires January 31, 2021)

  • Val Rogers
  • Jessie Seguin
  • Brandon Montag
  • Lori Fitzgerald


Yearly Appointments:

  • Village Liaison – Art Devlin
  • Town Liaison- Jay Rand