Lake Placid/North Elba Community Development Commission


The Community Development Commission utilizes different strategies to facilitate the implementation of the 2014 Comprehensive Plan.

In some cases the Commission partners with existing organizations.   They worked with the Lake Placid Rotary, for instance, in a project to establish a system of bicycle racks.   They also worked with the North Elba Historical Society to development a historic walking tour of the Main Street area and the Cornell Institute of Public Affairs to study ways in which the various trail systems in the community can be integrated.

In other cases the Commission creates a new ad hoc committee.   Two subcommittees current working on projects are the Efficiency Study Group and the Rental Permit Group.   The Efficiency Study group is studying the possible consolidation of services of the Village and Town.   The Rental Permit Group is examining the possibility of establishing a Rental Permit System for short term (vacation) rentals.

If you are interested in helping with any of these initiatives or wish to comment on their activities a comment section is provided below.

Efficiency Study Group

Rental Permit Group

Trail Study Group

Environment and Natural Resources