Lake Placid/North Elba Community Development Commission

Peacock Park Master Plan

In 2017 the Village Board began a series of renovations to the Village Beach House located in Peacock Park.  That Park, immediately adjacent to Mirror Lake is also in need of several upgrades and improvements. As part of the renovation process the Village Board asked the Appearance Committee to develop a plan for the development of the area immediately adjacent to the Beach House.   

The goals for these improvements include:

  1. Create an aesthetically pleasing environment
  2. Encourage a variety of recreational uses
  3. Protect the environment
  4. Promote ease of movement
  5. Provide for security and safety

Based upon those goals the Appearance Committee identified  items in need of completion:  (note slide references pertain to the attached slide presentation):

  1. Beach Area
    1. Remove embedded rocks along pathway  (slide B-1)
    1. Trim dogwood and cherry trees from front garden area (B-2)
    1. Replant lilies to fill garden area  (B-3)
    1. Place gravel on currently used access pathway (B-4) with black edging / black (staked)
    1. Extend the sitting wall to both sides of staircase (B-5)
  2. Parking Area
    1. Install downcast, modular sidewalk lighting (P-1)
    1. Remove power lines and replace roadside lighting (P-2)
    1. Create plan to illuminate parking area if necessary (P-3)
    1. Install fencing to protect slopes on either side of building (P-4)
    1. Soften the visual effect of the retaining wall with plantings (P-5) carpet juniper
  3. Toboggan Slide Area
    1. Remove fence around toboggan chute (T-1)
    1. Locate community kayak rack under chute (T-1)
    1. Create gravel access path to picnic and kayak launch areas (T-2)
    1. Install a floating kayak launch dock (T-3)
    1. Repair retaining wall along lakeshore (T-3)
    1. Screen new utility sheds (T-4)
    1. Block herd paths with vegetation (T-5) honeysuckle- 4or 5 / temp fence
    1. Install picnic table (T-6)- flatten area / consider brick section
  4. Miscellaneous-
    1. Move to recyclable containers (M-1)
    1. Replace flashing on posts (M-2)
    1. Strengthen balcony support (M-2)
    1. Tree work two trees (M-2)  Left topped  / rt removed –stumped (tree board will work on replacement)
    1. cedar – trimmed back from building

In addition, the deck facing the lake on the Peacock Park Beach House is not structurally sufficient.  Efforts need to be made to design and construct a fix to this deck so as to be available and occupied for future events.

A number of items on the list have been completed by volunteers or the Highway Department.  The remaining items require more engineering and would incur higher costs.  The purpose of this project is to determine the specific cost of each improvement to facilitate the creation of an implementation plan. The area of study should also be expanded to include the entire Park.

The design team will work with members of the Appearance Committee. 

The final deliverables were presented to the Appearance Committee on Wednesday, August 5, 2020.

Peacock Park: Final Report

Peacock Park: Presentation Slideshow

Beach Fence RFP, January 2022