Lake Placid/North Elba Community Development Commission

2015 Annual Report

Lake Placid / North Elba Development Commission

January 2016 Annual Report to Municipal Boards

  • Partnership with the Cornell Institute of Public Affairs – completed comprehensive map of walking trails in the area and reported on possible methods of consolidation
  • Rental Permit Group- presented a preliminary report to a joint session of the Town and Village Boards on October 7, 2015
  • Efficiency Study Group- Established contacts with the New York State Department of State Office of Government Efficiency, the New York State Conference of Mayors, and interviewed key informants. A preliminary report should be ready by early Spring 2016
  • Road Salt Reduction- The Commission monitored efforts by Watershed groups to reduce the use of road salt.
  • Letters of Support for Grant Applications
    • Ski Jump Improvements
    • Lake Placid Land Conservancy Strategic Plan Development
  • Researched the development of an community news forum
  • Website Development – “” is now functioning.
  • Host a Community Forum to discuss the impact of events on the community – January 26, 2016
  • Finalize the Rental Study Group report
  • Finalize the Efficiency Study Group report
  • Host “Welcome Reception” for new residents
  • Establish a Community Kayak Rack
  • Create an electronic news forum
  • Research the possibility of instituting “Dark Sky” initiatives
  • Work with Cornell Institute of Public Affairs to develop a comprehensive consumer map of the area trails



Terms expire end of 2016-

Dean Dietrich

Georgia Jones

Pat Gallagher

Kelly Kennedy

Term expires end of 2017-

Mavis Miller

Terms expire end of 2015

Art Devlin- Village Board liaison

Jay Rand- Town Board liaison

Requested Appointments: Terms expire end of 2018

John Fremante

Jen Jubin