Lake Placid/North Elba Community Development Commission

2021 Year End Report

Activities for 20201

Appearance Committee– Haley Breen (chairperson, Charisse Bailey, Denise Bujold , Dean Dietrich, Beatty Dot, Lori Fitzgerald, Tim Robinson, Jamie Rogers,  Judy Shea  (ROOST /Village Liaisons)                 

  • Peacock Park Waterfront Design Project with Clarkson University
  • Gazebo Placed in Peacock Park
  • Bus Shelter with Rotary-  (design advice)
  • Inventory / Assessment of Open Spaces
  • Public Presentation of Master Plan for Peacock –      

Communications Committee (Kate Thompson, chairperson, Haley Breen, Anita Estling)

  • Restructured current Websites-
    • Added Project Pages 
    • Reformatted Content
    • Language and Content Revisions
  • Preparing for Migration to new platform (RFP / Contract for new vendor)
  • Communications Strategy for Main Street Project
    • Organized March Public Informational meeting- (Construction, Traffic, Marketing)
    • Set up system for e-mail updates

Art Alliance– Lori Fitzgerald (chairperson), Parmalee Tokan, James Lemons, John Huntlinger, 

                  Debby Fitts,  Nancy Battaglia, Macie Huwiler, Emily Politi, Jeff Potter, Val Rogers, 

                  Ingrid Van Slyke, Naj Wikoff)

  • Established an Arts Master Plan  
  • Relocation of sculpture from Olympic Center to Van Ho
  • Initiated an inventory of Olympic Art (partnership with Skidmore)
  • Working toward creating a Legacy Park  (partnership with Heritage Statue)
  • Investigating possibility of acquiring Kate Smith statue from Philadelphia
  • Developing strategies to include art within Public Spaces (possible murals, use of PeacockPark, cross-walks)

Housing Committee– Peter Roland (chairperson), Haley Breen, Jessica Kelly, Brandon Montag, Jamie Rogers, Eli Schwartzberg

  • Established operating principles
  • Started work on Master Plan  (based upon 2014 Comp Plan,  / Camoin Needs Assesment)
  • Participated in Housing Affinity Group ( Common Ground)  
  • Home Rehabilitation Grant Program (CDBG grant)
  • Statements of support for local efforts to create community housing  

Developmen Commission – Dean Dietrich, (chairperson), Haley Breen, Mike Butler,  Pat Gallagher Georgia Jones,  Lori Fitzgerald,  Val Rogers (Liaisons with Village, and ROOST)

  • Continued Partnership with Cornell
    • Economic Diversity Study (Cornell Interns)
  • Cooperative effort with Paul Smith’s GIS class Lee Nellis, (chairperson),  Patrick Wells,                                                                                                                            Paul Smith’s Students
    • Sidewalk GIS project
  • Land Use Code Committee (Dean Dietrich, (chairperson) Bill Billerman, Liz Clarke, Dan Kelleher, Jackie Kelley (Art Devlin), Mike Orticelli, Emily Politi, Darci Whitney
    • Amendments presented to Town and Village Boards
  • Consulted with NEXT FACTOR to create Destination Management Plan-
  • Continued support for Community Day
  • Established Community Development Office (Dean Dietrich, chair, Art Devlin,  Kate Thompson, Emily Politi, Craig Randall, , Peter Roland)
    • New Director Hire


One-year analysis of Development Director Position

                  Restructure of Development Commission  

Revise Comprehensive Plan

                  Establish Steering Committee

Continued  Partnership with Clarkson

Incorporate LEED metrics into new Comp Plan

Climate Smart Communities

Pedestrian Pathways – Preliminary Engineering


                  Pedestrian Pathway Project with Clarkson

                                    (Wesvalley / Newman / Cell Science Center )

                  Food Co-op Feasibility Study


                  Community Day Care- feasibility study 

                  Climate Smart Community – focus on Recycling / Electric Charging

                  Possibility of summer internship

Continue to support the Appearance Committee, Arts Alliance, and Housing Committee

Trail Confederation 

Historic Bike Tour


DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION-  (Terms expiring: Jen Jubin, Dean Dietrich, Pat Gallagher, 

                                                                                          Georgia Jones                                                             

                                                                        resignations:  Sarah Galvin, Brandon Montag) 

Nominees:   Jen Jubin, Dean Dietrich (resigning as chair), Georgia Jones

HOUSING COMMITTEE (resignation:  Brandon Montag)

                  Nominee:  Alex Nenno


                  VILLAGE OF LAKE PLACID   

                  TOWN OF NORTH ELBA-  Emily Kilburn-Politi

 [HB1]It might not be a bad idea to pull Climate Smart Communities into the DC somehow. Francesca, the food co-op intern is on maternity leave from school at the moment and that project is paused. 

 [HB2]She wants to stay on, I think?