Lake Placid/North Elba Community Development Commission

Land Use Code Progress

Land Use Code Progress

            In May of 2020 the Town of North Elba and the Village of Lake Placid established a committee to review the Town of North Elba  / Village of Lake Placid Zoning Code and recommend revisions.

            Since then the Land Use Code Review Steering Committee has met on a regular basis.  They have created a strategy for moving the process forward and solicited suggestions for possible changes to the Code from the general public and stakeholders.  The project plan and submitted suggestions are available for viewing on the Lake Placid / North Elba Development Commission website (

            The Code Steering Committee is currently reviewing all submitted suggestions in order to provide a realistic scope of work when hiring a consultant.  A Request for a Proposal as part of the bid process is expected to be completed by the fall.  The goal is to have a professional consultant hired and move to public informational meetings this winter.

It is possible to submit comments to the Committee via email to: